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17.05.2012 18:03

The development of the agricultural sector attracts feed production companies to Azerbaijan

Andrey Kolyaskin, Director, Belagro Trade House

Our main business is the supply of protein components for the production of combined feeds: fish flour, soybean and sunflower meal, protein-mineral-vitamin additives (PMVA), pre-mixes, crude oil, wheat, maize, etc.

The geographical spread of sales for our company covers the Baltic States, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. Collaboration with major producers in Africa, Latin America, Europe and Russia, and efficient logistics allow us to offer competitive prices for our products, favourable conditions for co-operation, and reliable and efficient deliveries. The company also sells meat, poultry and eggs produced on our customers farms in Belarus and Russia. All products undergo strict quality controls and are delivered to the customer within a few days. Companies in retail and manufacturing from Smolensk to Vladivostok are among our partners.

Our holding company has several offices in Eastern Europe, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Latvia, and we are actively trading with CIS countries.

This being our first time in Baku, first of all, I would like to say how clear it is that Azerbaijan's economy is developing rapidly and that is one of the most developed among the CIS countries. We see great potential for selling our products directly in the market of Azerbaijan, as well as the opportunity for transit sales to countries bordering Azerbaijan.

In Azerbaijan, poultry farming is very well developed. This industry is a major consumer of Belagro feeds. We have been operating in the Azerbaijani market for the past two years with one big poultry farm, and we have carried out negotiations with several other companies. The purpose of our participation in this exhibition is to make a closer acquaintance with these companies, to discuss the details of co-operation and to sign contracts.

We attach great importance to our participation at WorldFood Azerbaijan. This is firstly because in order to move from negotiations to actual deliveries, we must enter into contracts with those companies with which we are familiar only through correspondence. Secondly, at this exhibition we may meet companies from other countries, particularly Iran, with whom we are also interested in co-operating. Thirdly, we want to assess the market potential of Azerbaijan in person prior to entering into more serious trading with this market.

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